NordSec 2011 Conference

Tallinn Science Park “Tehnopol”, Tallinn, Estonia, 26–28 October 2011

The 16th Nordic Conference in Secure IT Systems will take place at Tallinn Science Park “Tehnopol”, in the building hosting both Cybernetica AS and the Institute of Cybernetics, in Tallinn, Estonia, from 26–28 October 2011.

Since 1996, the NordSec conferences have brought together computer security researchers and practitioners from around the world, and particularly from the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. The conference focuses on applied IT security and is intended to encourage interaction between academic and industrial research. The conference has also become a key meeting venue for Nordic university teachers and students with an interest in security research.

Please see the call for papers, short papers and posters. There is also a flyer suitable for printing out. The submission deadline for full papers is August 6th. The abstracts must be submitted by July 31st.

  • 25.09 The program has been fixed.

  • 15.09 The list of accepted papers has been posted!

  • 15.09 The registration is open!

  • 02.09 The submission of new papers has ended.

  • 12.08 The submission of new papers has been opened again. All papers submitted from now on will be treated as short papers.

  • 01.08 The submission of new (long) papers has been stopped. Already submitted papers / abstracts can still be updated. The submission server will open again shortly before the deadline for short papers.

  • 19.06 The submission server is open.

  • 10.03 The homepage of NordSec 2011 is alive.