NordSec 2011 Poster Session and Competition

The conference includes a poster session that will be held on Wednesday (Oct 26th) evening. The posters will also be available for audience during the session breaks on Thursday and Friday. The poster session is open to everyone. However, the poster competition is open only for posters where the author(s) are students; see below for more details about the competition. Authors submitting a poster may also submit a short paper on the same topic.

The poster session is chaired by Margus Niitsoo (University of Tartu).

Instructions for submitting the posters

To submit a poster to the competition, please e-mail its first version (which should be sufficiently complete, such that its merits can be judged) together with any supplemental information that you think may help in appreciating the poster to the poster chair at the address Please put “NORDSEC Poster” to the subject line.

The final posters should be either portrait or landscape A0 (also other A-sizes are ok because they can be scaled to A0 when printed). No poster template is offered. For good readability the font size should not be smaller than 28 pt and images should have at least 300 dpi resolution (in A0).

The printing of posters and their set-up before the poster session will be handled by the conference organizers.

Student Poster Competition

The poster session also includes an informal poster competition which is open for posters where the authors are students (bachelor, master, or doctoral). In order to participate in the competition, please state clearly the status of each author (student or not and where). The topics should be related to a student project, such as a thesis, internship or course project in the area of security and/or mobile computing. The posters should be prepared in groups of 2-4 persons. (Students intending to submit a poster alone must ask for approval from the organizer. Please talk first with your supervisor so that he or she can help you form groups.) The conference organizers will decide which posters may participate in the competition. The selection of winners will be an informal process with rules to be announced at the event.

Important Dates for Poster Session and Competition

Date Event
7 October 2011 Submission deadline for posters (drafts)
14 October 2011 Notification of acceptance
21 October 2011 Submission deadline for final versions
26 October 2011, evening Poster session
27-28 October 2011, breaks Posters available for the audience
27 October 2011, dinner The winner of the competition announced

Accepted posters

In the poster session, the following posters will be presented.

  • Prastudy Fauzi, Vignesh Meenakshi Sundaram and Reimo Rebane. Trust Requirements for Mobile Multi-Party Computation.

  • Arthur Gervais. Crowd-sourcing Security Testing Platform.

  • Xin Gu and Hao Zhuang. Security Analysis on Linux Container (LxC) for Cloud Computing.

  • Linh Vu Hong, Ivana Kojovic and Andre Orvalho. MPLS Network Security.

  • Andrew Keating and Mohit Sethi. Anonymous Routing in Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • Antony Meyn and Naveen Davis. Peer to Peer (P2P) Video on Demand (VoD) Online Streaming Using HTML5.

  • Kazi Wali Ullah and Vytautas Zapolskas. Applicability of On/Off Traffic Model to Energy Consumption Estimation.

Poster Competition Results

During the poster session, the participants of the Nordsec conference could indicate their most favorite posters. Based on these indications, the following poster was declared the winner of the poster competition and its authors were awarded during the social dinner on October 28th, 2011.

Andrew Keating and Mohit Sethi. Anonymous Routing in Bluetooth Low Energy.